The Parable of the Elect and the Natural Man

In Article by Trevor Hartley

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The Parable of the Elect and the Natural Man

The natural man is sick and slowly dying in our world, the natural man has an illness and it is called sin which leads to death. The natural man is a patient in our world. He needs a savior a savior who has a cure for his sin. The Savior finally comes and gives a cure, a medication for man’s sin to all his Elect. The Electors will administer to all men. Those that receive it will live forever.

One of Christ Elect had a friend who has sinned and wanted to be saved from his sin. The Elect told the friend he has a medication for his sin and if he receives it he will live again. The Elect explain to his friend all about the ingredients in the medication but the friend replied by saying with all those ingredients, it’s going to taste awful; he refused to take the medication. The Elect insisted to the friend over and over again to take it because you are slowly dying of sin.

One day the Elect decided to force the medication down the mouth of his friend as an attempt to save his life. The Elector was sure that this was the right thing to do to save him, the elect then forces the medication into his mouth. When the Elect turned around to leave, he heard his friend spit out the medication while saying this is awful, I don’t want to be saved, I will find another way. Later, his friend the natural man died and when to Hades.


In the story of The Parable of the Elect and the Natural Man, you will find one friend trying to help save another. The Savior is Christ, the Elected are those saved by Christ to spread the Gospel, the medication is the Gospel, the mouth is the Soul. The parable tells us that you cannot save anyone who chooses not to be saved. To the natural man the medication has awful tasting ingredients, means you will follow Christ teachings and if a man wants to live for all eternity, he will need to receive the medication, it is the way to become born again. The man refused to receive the medication, and then later he died. Our God in Heaven will not force the medication giving of Christ the savior onto men. The natural man wanted to live forever; the dilemma is men receiving Christ teachings. The natural man will continue to find other ways to be saved and all other ways will only lead to death. Proverbs 14:12. John 14:6 Copyright © 2017. Christian Defense International, All rights reserved.